Notice & Petition to Begin Court Eviction Action Form

$275.00 Town Court - $295.00 City Court

Landlord Services will prepare the Notice & Petition to begin Court action to evict your tenant. We will deliver all documents to the appropriate Court, obtain the earliest possible Court date and pay the Court fee. We will then serve your tenant the Notice & Petition which will require your tenants to appear in court on that date.

Besides serving the Notice & Petition to the tenants directly, they will also receive copies via certified mail and regular mail. We will also prepare the Warrant of Eviction and Judgment forms required by the court.
The court will receive all necessary documents, and copies will also be provided to you to bring with you on the court date.

Please fill in all of the information below, and click "Submit" then "Click to Pay." We will immediately send an email confirmation. The email will include a link to make your payment online in case you don't pay while on the website..Upon receipt of your payment, you will be notified of a court date and the Notice & Petition will be prepared. If you wish to have an Attorney appear for you, please call us at (518) 470-0463 for further details or if you have any other questions.