Get Compensated for the Rent You're Owed

Arrange for wage garnishment & rent collection services in Ballston Lake & Clifton Park, NY

In some cases, you might need to use wage garnishment to get the rent you are owed. Landlord Services of Upstate New York Inc. can make this happen. Wage garnishment involves your tenant having money withheld from their wages by their employer and paid directly to the landlord.

Once you obtain a judgment of non-payment in court, we can help you turn that judgment into cash. Don't waste your time trying to track down delinquent tenants. Let us deal with everything.

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Having trouble collecting rent from some of your tenants? You can count on us for rent collection services. We'll work with individual property owners and landlord companies alike to make sure everyone gets what they're owed. We can take care of locator services so you don't have to run around trying to find your non-paying tenant.

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